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    5 star review  It was really a good experience. I had a gynecomastia surgery on dated 21.01.2021. It was completely a pain less surgery. Doctor Mr. Jayanta Bain sir and the members of the clinic are very friendly and helpful. I am personally very satisfied with the surgery and result .

    thumb Chandan Dalapati

    5 star review  Nice place to have the treatment done, clean environment and good behaviour of all the staff.
    Doc Bain is a jem of person with excellent surgical efficiency.

    thumb Ayan Dey

    5 star review  dr jayanta bain is very good doctors and good veayar. very good reselt thank doctors and all staff.

    thumb Akash Jaiswal

    5 star review  Did My ZSR circumcision under Dr. Jayanta Bain . Great results after the surgery. Very kind towards patients .

    thumb Rohan roy

    1 star review  Neither they answer calls nor respond to your any messages. They have two numbers for whatssap messges but unfortunately no, one respond to it. I had a word with an Assistant for the Doctor as he said. He asked me to send some details after I sending them messages. I didn't know that it was drafted template message of whatsaap. It would be really better if you would have given some importance towards patients. Anywys thanks much

    thumb Varun Sharma

    5 star review  Very experience Dr jayanta bain..thank you very much sir..And all the assistants of your clinic.Everyone is very good And I like your clinic very nice and clean And I am very happy with my result''

    thumb Oidul Mondal

    5 star review  I visited the Dr.Bain's clinic for gynaecomastia surgery.I am satisfied after the surgery..The staffs were very helpful and very well behaved..And Dr.Bain did a great job and he is very well behaved..The clinic is very neat and clean and very well maintained...😊

    thumb Arindam

    5 star review  I got my, gynaecomastia operation done by this bain clinic, the results are amazing , they did a great job and i'm happy with the result. The staff and the doctor over here are way more co operative than any other place they are friendly and takes good care of their patients. He's among one of the best surgeon one can ever get in kolkata i would suggest or recommend others to get ure problems fixed over here rather then getting it done from other places. that's all i would say.!!!!

    thumb Rishi Dutta

    5 star review  One of my known lady did breast augment by Dr. Jayanta Bain. He used 300 cc high profile silicone breast implant. The patient was discharged same day evening. Recovery was quick and result is excellent. We are amazed by the surgical excellence of this young Cosmetic surgeon. Highly recommendable.

    thumb Satyajit Ganguly

    4 star review  Our patient was having de-gloving penile injury. Dr Jayanta Bain did successful Plastic Surgery. Thank you Sir for giving the patient a new life and a new hope .

    thumb sujan mondal

    5 star review  Heard a lot of good things about Dr. Bain before going in consultation with him. After consultation with Dr. Bain, I was relieved to find the doctor very friendly and willing to hear out anything I had to say. Even after my surgery done by him, he was very caring and asked me to visit him post surgery to show the recovery I had made. Needless to say, very satisfied with the doctor. 5 stars from me definitely.

    thumb Soumyadip Biswas

    5 star review  My elder sister has cut injury over left elbow. She was diagnosed as radial nerve injury with wrist drop. Dr Jayanta Bain repaired the cut nerve and my sister recovered fully. He is truly a great Plastic Surgeon.

    thumb Minhaj Haldar

    5 star review  Very pristine and helpful. The doctor is brilliant and the staff were very kind. I would recommend everyone to trust this place with their eyes closed.

    thumb Mayukh Bose

    5 star review  Few months back Dr Jayanta Bain did a circumcision operation to my son. He did the operation in such a brilliant, beautiful ,modified way by which the problems are completely gone, with normal natural appearance of foreskin as before. His manners put me at ease and helped me to gain confidence. I think he is the most finest & innovative plastic surgeon in Eastern India.

    thumb Jibanananda Ghosh

    5 star review  Very nice I like.

    thumb Moahammad Dhali

    5 star review  I have a nice experience with Dr Jayanta Bain. He is very friendly and allowed me to express all my concerns. I am fully satisfied with the results. Also ambiance in the clinic is very nice, staffs are well behaved. I thank Dr Bain & his team for their service and wish them happy new year 2020 in advance.

    thumb Arpa Biswas

    5 star review  It's has been a great experience...Specially Dr Jayanta Bain sir and his staffs are cooperative and treat not like professional patient but personal one...so I personally suggest please go for any type of plastic and cosmetic surgery...

    thumb Bikash Yadav

    5 star review  One of the best cosmetic surgeon in Kolkata I have ever meet for treatment. Thanks Mr J Bain

    thumb Vikash Kumar

    5 star review  I am very satisfied with the quality and service
    Dr. Jayanta Bain is very friendly
    I would like to thank other members of this clinic. They are very helpful.
    I am satisfied with Bain Clinic
    Must Recommended.

    thumb Sourav Dasgupta

    5 star review  *Bain Clinic Pvt Ltd*
    It is a Clinic, but like family. Just like there are guardian, brothers, sisters, friends in the family, you will all get brothers, sisters, friends and of course guardian (Dr Jayanta Bain) at the clinic. They will give you love, care and attention like a family.
    I went to many Hospitals, Nurshing Homes, Clinics for various reasons. But Bain Clinic is a great experience for me.
    I have done Gynecomastia surgery here. I never thought, I was being treated at a clinic. Such a wonderful Doctor, such a friendly colleague. Really awesome, so I think- its not just a Bain Clinic, its

    thumb Arumay Banerjee