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    5 star review  It's was a fabulous experience
    And the staffs are very good and helpful
    My tendon repairing surgery was very good results
    Thanks to dr.jayanta Bain & the staffs

    thumb Dipu Mondal

    5 star review  I have right hand tendon cut. Dr Jayanta Bain Sir repaired it. I got full movement of my hand. He is the best Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon I have ever seen.

    thumb Santosh Mahato

    5 star review  Dr Jayanta Bain did flap surgery over my father in law's foot. Full recovery. We are very happy. He is a very good plastic surgeon.

    thumb Abu Sufian

    5 star review  I have a nice experience with Dr Jayanta Bain. He is very friendly and allowed me to express all my concerns. I am fully satisfied with the results. Also ambiance in the clinic is very nice, staffs are well behaved. I thank Dr Bain & his team for their service and wish them happy new year 2020 in advance.

    thumb Arpa Biswas

    4 star review  Our patient was suffering from wrist drop due trauma & fracture arround elbow (which resulted radial nerve njury). Dr. Jayanta Bain did followig tendon transfer: PT->FCRB; FCU->EDC; PL->EPL PT. We are very happy with the result. He is definitly one of best Plastic, Reconstructiv & Cosmetic surgeon in Calcutta.

    thumb debasis giri

    5 star review  I am very happy. Their stuff are kind for me. OT is very fine and clear.Thank You for #Doctor and staff. 😁😁

    thumb Sougata Khan

    5 star review  Finest plastic surgeon I have ever seen. Reconstructive surgery done in Oct 2019. No scar line visible in the effected area. His behavior is too good. I would highly recommend him.

    thumb Sandip Sinha

    4 star review  My uncle was having ulcer over leg. Dr Jayanta Bain sir did Plastic Surgery repair by skin grafting. My uncle get fully recovered. Now he can even play football with that leg. Thank you Bain sir.


    5 star review  One of my known lady did breast augment by Dr. Jayanta Bain. He used 300 cc high profile silicone breast implant. The patient was discharged same day evening. Recovery was quick and result is excellent. We are amazed by the surgical excellence of this young Cosmetic surgeon. Highly recommendable.

    thumb Satyajit Ganguly

    5 star review  I had a nice experience with dr j bain recently.he did a tendon transfer operation for wrist drop due to radial nerve palsy.now patient is absolutely ok and doing all fine motor activity .

    thumb DrDebdas Sardar

    5 star review  One of the best cosmetic surgeon in Kolkata I have ever meet for treatment. Thanks Mr J Bain

    thumb Vikash Kumar

    5 star review  Dr Jayanta Bain is an young , talented, skilled surgeon. I underwent certain cosmetic procedure like removal of hyperpigmented spots and I was pleased by his mastery on laser. Myself as a doctor , I highly recommend this place.

    thumb AGNI DEV

    5 star review  Had surgery a month ago, extremely satisfied with the surgery and the end result. Sir is extremely patient and answers to queries..Staff are extremely helpful and attends to your needs after post op.

    thumb Joshy John

    5 star review  One of the best place to have your medical treatment in Kolkata. Dr. Jayanta Bain and his staff were very kind and helpful. It was a wonderful experience for me.

    thumb Tarun Banerjee

    4 star review  Dr Jayanta Bain doing skin grafting over leg ulcer (caused by contact burn with bike silencer). Best plastic plastic surgeon I have ever seen.

    thumb IMRAN SK

    5 star review  I visited the Dr.Bain's clinic for gynaecomastia surgery.I am satisfied after the surgery..The staffs were very helpful and very well behaved..And Dr.Bain did a great job and he is very well behaved..The clinic is very neat and clean and very well maintained...😊

    thumb Arindam

    5 star review  I have right hand tendon cut. Dr Jayanta Bain Sir repaired it. I got full movement of my hand. He is the best Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon I have ever seen.

    thumb Santosh Mahato

    5 star review  Today we are doing Post Burn Contracture release in City Hospital, Baharampur with Dr. Jayanta Bain. Very nice experience to seeing such marvelous Plastic Surgery by him.

    thumb Prosenjit Das

    5 star review  Best plastic and cosmetic surgeon in kolkata ... Doctor sir and all other staff are polite.. Surgery procedure is amazing....No complaint at all.

    thumb Nilanjan Bhowmick

    5 star review  I am writing this review on 29th December morning.
    Had gynecomastia surgery on 25th December. Then after haven’t seen my chest after surgery untill 28th December noon, the first time I changed my dressing.
    It’s still sore but I pretty much have an idea on how it will look after the soreness is gone.
    I was afraid of getting the surgery done as it was my first time but after anaesthesia I didnt feel a thing.
    I had surgery under local anaesthesia and was interacting throughout the whole process.

    Couple of things to remember before getting the surgery done.
    1. If at all you don’t want to feel anything, do under general anaesthesia. For me, I didnt feel a thing. Not a single thing. I could feel that something was going on but other than that nothing.
    2. During channelling it stings a bit but that’s it. It’s a matter of seconds.
    3. Will take 2-3 days to get used to the compression vest. Not a big deal. One cannot complain about it being too tight cause that’s what prevents from seroma formation(I believe is what the doc said).

    For all those folks out there still wondering if you should get the surgery done and even worth it. YES it is.

    Have been suffering for over 8yrs. And finally be able to get rid of this is a huge thing for me.

    And needless to say that the staffs were really friendly.

    And thanks to the doc, he made sure that I go through the surgery smoothly.

    Thank you Dr. Jayanta Bain and his team for changing my life.

    thumb Archan Biswas