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Affordable Breast Surgery - Get A Perfect Body

Do you feel unhappy by the size or shape of your breasts? If you do you’re not alone, it can really affect your self-esteem. You may shy away from social situations, or feel like you can’t wear the outfits you want to wear.

Affordable breast surgery in Kolkata is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, carried out on women who wish to increase, reduce, uplift, or alter the shape. Breast surgery helps to restore proportion to your body, helping to improve self-confidence by achieving the shape and look you want.

What’s Breast Surgery?

It includes all surgical procedures and surgical interventions to diagnose, treat and reshape your breast. There are several types of surgeries you can opt for including breast augmentation and breast reduction.

Those with bigger breasts require reduction surgery and those those with small ones require breast implant or augmentation.

No matter what your need is, Bain Clinic is always there to provide the most professional surgery.

How Much Breast Surgery Cost in Kolkata?

The breast surgery cost in Kolkata depends on several factors. Most importantly it depends on the surgery you have. Since there are surgeries for bigger and smaller breasts, the cost varies. Enquire us for more details on cost, fiance option and other breast surgery cost related information.

History of Breast Surgery

Do you know that surgery for the breast has emerged as a sub-specialty in general surgery following the inception of the NHS Breast Screening Programme in the late 1980s and has grown steadily since?

This affordable treatment has developed in parallel with major improvements in breast service delivery and outcomes. That’s not all, breast surgery training has also become increasingly popular among general surgeons.

Our surgeon at the Bain Clinic combine the most advanced imaging options, technical and surgical expertise and state of the art technology to deliver low cost and the highest standard of surgical care for breast treatments.

Why Choose Us?

Bain Clinic head Dr. Jayanta Bain, the best plastic surgeon in kolkata has received Life membership from Breast reconstructive medical association for great surgeries. So, patients can be assured of getting the best medical assistance during and after the breast surgery.

  • Top Doctors
  • You will have skill and experience at your side. Our highly trained surgeons are the leading providers in their specialties.

  • Low Cost
  • Our clinic is known for pocket friendly breast surgery.

  • Innovative Care
  • We provides you with state of the art care and technology is a priority. Our goal is to delicer the latest breast surgery at low cost which results in faster recovery time and less pain.

What To Expect After Surgery?

How long you stay in hospital will depend on the type of surgery you have and how well you recover. Most people can walk around and shower the day after surgery.

Lifestyle Implication

The appearance of the breast post-surgery is affected by several factors such as the thickness of breast tissue and the type of procedure you have had as well as your age.

No doubt, post surgery tend to create more youthful-looking breasts that appear totally natural. If you have thin breast tissue, creasing and folds in the implant won’t be there. These are designed to be natural so you can flaunt your assets well.

Moreover, the implants are designed in a variety of different shapes e.g. “round” and “teardrop” to meet the needs of every patient.

Bain Clinic, the finest and the best breast surgery clinic in Kolkata offer affordable services.

If you are a patient seeking quality healthcare at affordable prices!.