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Top Clinic for Breast Reduction Surgery in Kolkata

Breast reduction procedure is done to reduce the size and weight of heavy breasts. Excess fat and glandular tissue is removed to get it a proper shape and improve the looks.

  • Are you feeling embarrassed with huge, disproportionate and large breasts?
  • Do you have difficulties in doing daily chores and experience backache, neck pain and shoulder pain due to large and heavy breasts?
  • Are you finding difficulties in wearing clothes and not get able to explore stylish outfits?
  • Are you seeking a solid solution to get rid of body pain that occurred due to heavy breasts?

Due to the fast life and unhealthy lifestyle, many women are suffering from heavier and larger breast. For them the demand for breast reduction surgery in Kolkata has increased widely.

Physically as well as emotionally it is not acceptable to have a larger, disproportionate or heavy boob. It causes a lack of aesthetic appeal and beauty, which may lead to some other associated issues such as neck pain, backache, shoulder pain, and also difficulties in regular activities of daily life.

However, it has a great concern to deal with the breast reduction surgery as many women in Kolkata are now receiving it. Having the best proportionate breast enhances the aesthetic beauty and physical appeal with the contoured boob shape via the breast reduction procedure.

If you are seeking affordable breast reduction procedure, then Kolkata is the place for you and Bain Clinic is your best place to get it done.

Why Choose to Undergo Breast Reduction in Kolkata?

Kolkata is a popular place among patients to receive medical treatments at low cost. Therefore, breast reduction surgery cost in Kolkata is also a procedure that you can undergo. Here are some reasons why women love to undergo breast reduction surgery here.

Unbeatable services

You get a wide range of services, especially in the domain of cosmetic surgery, reduction mammaplasty.

Top plastic surgeons

Get the best treatments, done by world-renowned top plastic surgeons, who are having decade old experience in the domain of plastic and cosmetic surgery.

Your comfort

Your comfort is the top priority, imagine stepping into the place where all your beauty needs will be met keeping your comfort as the topmost priority. The breast reduction surgery cost in Kolkata is by far the lowest compared to other places across the globe and other Indian cities.

How can Bain Clinic Help You?

At Bain Clinic, Kolkata, enjoy the confidence that comes from being cared for by an expert medical team.

The clinic headed by Dr. Jayanta Bain and his team of exceptional surgeons offers the best treatment possible to every patient after a thorough examination.

Our clinic is a state-of-the-art facility offering advanced breast surgery procedures, plus a complete range of non-invasive, non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

Dr. Bain is a board Specialist Plastic Surgeon, who has received further training in Cosmetic Surgery in Stockholm, Sweden.

If you are considering breast reduction, our consultation allows you to ask questions and discuss the options available.

How Much Breast Reduction Surgery Costs in Kolkata?

Finding the right clinic that offers you an affordable breast reduction surgery cost in Kolkata is a big thing. However, with Bain Clinic by your side in Kolkata, you don’t need to worry about a thing.

Bain clinic is one of the best breast reduction surgery clinics in Kolkata. We provide you with the best quality treatment with our upgraded technologies at an affordable or pocket-friendly price. For an appointment Call / WhatsApp on (+91) 629 006 1477 & get special 30% discount.

Breast Reduction Surgery FAQ's

What are the most common benefits of breast reduction surgery?

How many days I need to be in hospital?

Breast Reduction surgery needs 24-48 hour hospital admission. You will be discharged with oral medications and with a special Bra which remains in place for a week.

What types of anesthesia do you offer?

We prefer general anaesthesia, by an experienced Anesthesiologist. And this will make you most comfortable during the procedure.

What is the recovery time?

The recovery time is one to two weeks. However you can join to your job after 5-7 days. You will be advised not to do heavy lifting for 4 weeks and you can return to exercise after about 4-6 weeks.

Are my results permanent?

Yes. The most beautiful thing with the result of breast reduction done by Dr Bain is that the result is permanent. However, it can be very little effected by with aging and due to gravity over time.

If you are a patient seeking quality healthcare at affordable prices!.