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Flaunt A Clear Skin With Laser Mole Removal

While most benign lesions do not require treatments, at times these cause serious discomfort and may interfere with your daily task. Are you unhappy with the mole on your face? Is it hampering your beauty? Don’t worry, you can get rid of it and for a lifetime.

At Bain Clinic, Salt Lake Sector 3, Kolkata, we offer the best mole removal treatment. Yes, with the laser treatment, you wouldn’t feel any pain and at the same time get rid of the mole permanently.

No wonder moles are aesthetically unattractive appearances that may cause discomfort or injury (while shaving). In fact, your ordeals increase when your skin gets rubbed or pressed by the clothes.

Scared of going under the knives? We have got you a painless way of mole removal on face. No need to undergo the pain of surgery. Simply avail our laser treatment and remove the mole.

Most Importantly, What Causes Moles?

Skin moles occur in all skin colors. Some people are born with moles. Most skin moles appear in early childhood and during the first 20 years of life.

New moles appear after 35 years and require medical attention. Are you suffering from the same condition? Do contact us for immediate assistance and to get rid of it.

Some moles appear later in life. Sun exposure plays a role in developing skin moles. But that’s not all, moles also occur in sun-protected areas.

With Bain Clinic by your side, no need to worry about mole removal. We offer you a safe and cost-effective way of mole removal on face.

Why Choose Mole Removal Treatment?

Laser removal is a modern procedure that will help you remove unwanted benign skin formations fast and safely and important, without pain. The benefits of our laser mole removal service are below:

  • Avoid surgery as well as surgical scars
  • Aims to remove moles from the face without leaving a trace
  • Expert diagnosis and treatment
  • Ability to remove several lesions at the same time
  • Really affordable

Depending on the size, type and location of the mole, we offer you a suitable treatment.

Our experienced doctor is always at your service to provide you any information you need regarding laser removal of the mole from your face.

It is essential to be aware of the surgical procedures carry risks. At Bain Clinic, we offer you superb and hassle-free mole treatment so you can eliminate the mole from your face once and for all.

Mole Removal FAQ's

What Can You Expect From Laser Mole Removal?

Can A Mole Grow Back?

There is a small chance that a mole may grow back after the laser treatment. The laser treatment for mole removal on face has a great success rate. Don’t worry, simply avail our professional treatment and get rid of the mole.

Since some moles are more aggressive than others and need a closer follow-up, we offer additional treatment as and when needed. The end result is clear skin.

Is Mole Removal Safe?

At Bain Clinic, you are in the safest hands, with laser mole removal treatment, we ensure you get a flawless skin minus the mole. Irrespective of the type and size, we offer you an amazing service.

Our doctor explains what he would be doing during the treatment.

After Treatment Advice

The small wound area requires dressing. This heals within seven days. The area treated remains sensitive to the sun for a few months.

We suggest you use sunscreen when stepping out of the house for at least 6 months. Also, we offer you all the necessary guidance you need for after laser mole treatment.

Why Consider Us?

Using laser for mole treatment helps a lot. It is a non-invasive and effective option to eliminate unwanted facial moles. 

Bain Clinic, Salt Lake Sector 3, Kolkata is always here to help. No matter how big or small the mole is, our experienced doctor takes care of it without difficulty. Our charges are affordable so you don’t need to overspend at all. 

During the initial consultation, our expert doctor will check it and suggest you the right laser treatment. You can explain your medical history and concerns you have. Contact us for more information.

If you are a patient seeking quality healthcare at affordable prices!.