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Get Your Youth Back With Face Lift Surgery

You don't have to leave your youthful good looks behind as you age. In the hands of our skilled, board certified cosmetic surgeon, you can counteract the effects of time and gravity and restore the naturally vibrant appearance you remember from years ago. In fact, you can even address the early signs of aging before they take hold. At Bain Clinic, we are here to offer you a youthful appearance just like you imagine it to be.

What’s Facelift Surgery?

Face lift surgery lifts and firms sagging facial tissues to restore a more naturally youthful facial appearance. It is often said that having a facelift works to “turn back the clock,” helping a patient look like a younger version of him or herself.

By removing excess, sagging skin, smoothing deep folds, and lifting and tightening the deep facial tissues, a facelift surgery can help a patient look not just younger, but simply “better.”

Why Have Face Lift Surgery?

  • You feel self-conscious about the way your face & neck look due to sagging skin
  • You wear turtlenecks and scarves not because you want to, but because you want to hide your aging neck
  • When you see your reflection, you feel that your face makes you look much older than you feel

How Does Face Lift Surgeries Work?

The exact technique a cosmetic surgeon uses during a face lift surgery in Kolkata depends on a number of factors, including a patient’s anatomy and personal goals, the extent of the facelift (mini vs. standard), and whether or not another procedure is being performed at the same time.

Facelifts are typically performed using general anesthesia, although local anesthesia with sedation may be used in certain less extensive procedures. Our skilled doctors are always by your side to give you the best procedure possible.

How Do We Help?

At Bain Clinic, Kolkata, we develop personalized rhytidectomy surgery plans to help each patient look and feel his or her best. Our team offers access to the latest plastic surgery innovations available at our clinic to achieve safe, effective results.

Additionally, our focus is to create natural results, never fake or overdone. Rest assured, when you come to Bain Clinic for face lift surgery, you are walking into an environment of technical excellence and high integrity.

While the actual face lift procedure is never rushed, our doctors make every effort to reduce the time required to fully recover from your facelift surgery and get back to your normal life.

What Is The Recovery Time?

A facelift is a major surgery that can produce incredible age-defying results. Facelift recovery is more involved than recovery from some of the less invasive facial rejuvenation procedures. The recovery time will depend on the extent of your facelift.

How Much Does The Face Lift Surgery Cost?

The face lift surgery cost in Kolkata varies with the extent of the procedure. Each facelift is unique. So, the Cost can be more accurately predicted after the surgeon has performed an examination and developed a surgical plan. Call/WhatsApp for cost details at +91-629-006-1477.

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