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Breast Implant - Pursue Your Dream of Fuller Breasts

The size, shape and proportion of a woman’s breasts can affect her self-perception, her femininity, and even her sense of physical balance.

Women in Kolkata have diverse reasons for wanting breast augmentation surgery. Some have wanted larger, shapelier breasts for many years and are realizing their dreams of feeling more confident about their bodies. Others have seen their breasts change as they got a little older, or had children, and want to regain the look they had when they were younger.

The reasons for breast augmentation in Kolkata are as unique as each patient, and experienced doctors know the decision is deeply personal. Bain Clinic is your destination if you happen to visit Kolkata to undergo breast augmentation procedure.

Deciding To Have Breast Augmentation in Kolkata

Many of the patients who choose to have breast augmentation surgery have already completed their families, although there is no contraindication to having breast augmentation if you are planning to become pregnant in the future.

A large number of women in Kolkata decide to have a breast implant surgery to improve their self-esteem, increase their confidence level and enhance their femininity. Keeping this in mind, the doctors dedicate to helping each patients attain the feminine breasts that they desire.

Breast Implant Surgery Cost in Kolkata

During your consultation, we will explain the surgical plans and cost involves in the breast implant procedure. Breast implant surgery cost may vary depends on type and quantity of Implant.

Why Make Bain Clinic Your Place for Breast Augmentation?

There are plenty of doctors in Kolkata offering cosmetic breast augmentation using breast implant surgery, so what makes Bain Clinic unique? The difference stems from the experience, credentials, and care our board-certified plastic surgeons provide patients at our Kolkata Clinic, which is owned and operated by our board-specialist surgeon, Dr. Jayanta Bain.

The practice, which serves the people in Kolkata and those visiting us, prides itself on creating an environment where patients feel like they’re at home, rather than at a doctor’s office. We aren’t stuffy, and we aren’t flashy; we are quality oriented. We are here for you the most comfortable and result oriented breast implant surgery and are focused on helping you reach your vision of beauty.


Experience is essential when seeking out a qualified plastic surgeon for your breast surgery. At Bain Clinic, our plastic surgeons have several years of combined experience, and have performed thousands of procedures of breast enlargement in Kolkata. Through this invaluable experience, they have acquired the skills necessary for even the most challenging and complex cases. Their experience further enables them to successfully balance art with science for the most attractive cosmetic outcome.

Individualized Attention

Our surgeons have a reputation for going above and beyond for their patients, which is why so many of our existing patients refer their friends and family in and around Kolkata to come to us.

You’ll never feel rushed or hurried, and can expect to have all of your questions answered. Our surgeons spend as much time as is necessary during your consultation to explain your options and what to expect. Our team ensures you are feeling well and answer any questions that come up during your recovery. Throughout your procedure of breast enlargement in Kolkata experience, we are here for you 24/7.

Breast Augment FAQ's

How long do breast implants last?

How many days I need to be in hospital?

Breast augment needs 24 hour hospital admission. You will be discharged with oral medications and with a special Bra which remains in place for a week.

What types of anesthesia do you offer?

We prefer general anaesthesia, by an experienced Anesthesiologist. And this will make you most comfortable during the procedure.

Is there pain following breast augment post-operatively?

There will be no pain; however patients experience a moderate to significant discomfort (stretching sensation) post-operatively for few weeks.

How long do I need to be off work?

It is recommended that you take one week off from work after breast augment surgery and continue to avoid strenuous activity and heavy lifting for 4 weeks after the surgery.

If you are a patient seeking quality healthcare at affordable prices!.