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Say Goodbye To Baldness With Hair Transplant

It is seen that the problem of hair fall is more common among urban residents than rural ones. From mild hair fall to baldness, receding hairline can be permanent. To mention, the various modes of hair transplant is the only way to overcome the problem. Hair plantation is a kind of surgical treatment but unlike other surgeries. And many people are opting for the best hair transplant in Kolkata owing to several good reasons.

Why Should People Opt For Hair Transplant In Kolkata?

Medical tourism is gaining grounds in Kolkata and this city happens to be one of the few places in India where you get the service that is claimed. With a pocket-friendly routine checkup for health, this place gives one of the best treatment options, with lesser price. Along with its beautiful and historic places, modern day, medical hair transplant Kolkata can also be your reason to visit the city.

Kolkata is a destination that many people also go to receive surgery. This area is known for its skilled surgeons and it may potentially be easier to secure an appointment. Average hair transplant cost in kolkata or the cost of basic hair transplant surgery is really low compared to other metropolitan cities of India.

Assured Hair Transplant Result

Baldness is a terrible men’s health issue. Though many people in Kolkata shy away and suffer from inferiority complexities, few acts practical and deal with the issues within time. At the start of baldness, some in Kolkata try to treat through medicines or some herbal solutions and remedies. But, finally, the case gets worse. With the level of issue, varies the kind of remedy. This might appear responsive, but hair transplant treatment is the only and final way to restore receding hairline.

Best Hair Transplant Recommendations

Normally there is some degree of hair fall, but you need to take measures when it is excessive and uncontrollable. Also to mention, the hereditary pattern of baldness is very common but there is a treatment for the same. Best hair transplant clinic in Kolkata provides various types of hair restoration methods. The doctors at Bain Clinic can recommend the best hair transplant in Kolkata.

Good Quality Treatment at Reasonable Rate

Do you know why Kolkata is one of the best places for hair transplant in India? This is because of the best and low-cost hair transplant in Kolkata. Yes, hair transplant cost in Kolkata is quite lesser than other Indian states. The cost of hair transplant in Kolkata is normally more affordable. Also to say, the procedure in Bain Clinic, the finest hair transplant clinic in Kolkata is done by highly experienced doctors, applying high-end technologies that guarantee natural look and normal hair growth thereafter. Our per graft cost starts from ₹20 only.

Why Choose Bain Clinic To Undergo Hair Transplant In Kolkata?

Bain Clinic is headed by Dr. Jayanta Bain and his dedicated team members who assure you for good result with steady recovery. Being a by Board Specialist Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Jaynta Bain is always safe with surgical instruments in comparison to other non-surgeon, hair transplant doctors and ensures his patients get the best result.

Male & Female Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation not only imparted to male but also to females. Androgenic Alopecia is nowadays very much prevalent among women in Kolkata. Keeping this in mind female hair transplantation which is a little bit difficult than male hair transplantation are offered at Bain Clinic.

FUT & FUE Are Performed

As the best hair transplant surgeon in Kolkata, Dr. Jayanta Bain and team performs both techniques depending upon patient’s choice and surgeon recommendation, affordability and nature of cases. So patients are allowed to choose their technique, not forced to one technique.

Hair Transplant FAQ’s

When will I see my full results?

Can I grow my hair/beard as long as I used to after my hair transplant?

Transplanted hair behaves just as your normal hair and all transplanted hair lasts a lifetime. You can grow, cut, colour and style your transplanted hair as you please.

Do I need to be admitted in a Hospital?

No. It is a day care procedure. You need to spend 4-6 hour in our clinic. Soon after your treatment you will be discharged with some oral medications and instructions.

How soon after hair transplant can I go back to work?

Depending on your type of employment, you can return to work within next days, however most patients take at least 3-4 days off.

Is hair transplant treatment painful?

No. We use local anaesthesia (scalp block) to numb your scalp for 6-8 hours. So the hair transplants will be absolutely painless and a pleasant experience for you.

Hair Transplant starts from ₹20 per graft.