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Get The Macho Look With Beard Transplant

The ever-growing beard styles and trends have further reinforced many men’s natural desires to have luscious and thick facial hair.

Can’t grow a beard? But have always wanted a mane? You are in luck. Facial beard transplant is both in vogue and quite successful.

Unfortunately, not every man can make this happen on its own. This is where Bain Clinic, Kolkata comes to your help. We offer you the best beard transplant so you can have a stylish manly look.

If you are thinking of getting a thick beard, but don’t know enough to make a decision? Our skilled doctors in Salt Lake Sector 3, can actually help you.

Is Beard Transplant Permanent?

A beard transplantation is the most permanent solution available for beard loss.

Just as a hair transplant creates permanent hair solutions for a balding head, a beard transplant can also help create a permanent solution for a patchy beard.

When the new hair initially falls out, that means the follicle has been successfully implanted.

From that point on, new hair will continue to grow from that follicle and can be treated just like any other hair.

How Do We Perform Beard Transplant?

This transplantation is usually performed under the administration of local anesthesia with oral sedation given, lasting about three to a maximum of eight hours, we offer a painless procedure. Our beard transplant cost is really affordable and transparent.

As for the recovery, the first few days post-surgery, you must avoid getting the transplanted area wet and tiny crusts may form around each hair grafts that will fall off after 4 to 6 days.

This would be followed by transplanted hair falling off within a week or two.

The donor region will fully heal up fast. The whole beard transplantation is obtained by the technique of FUE, where the donor's hairs are taken from the back and sides of the head.

Why Choose Our Clinic?

At Bain Clinic, Kolkata, our skilled doctors perform the transplant professionally. We offer the transplant using the most advanced technology and equipment so you don’t feel any discomfort before or after the treatment.

How Much Do Beard Transplant Cost?

Depending on the transplantyou end up choosing, beard transplant cost in Kolkata can actually vary between INR 40 to INR 60 per graft.

We, at Bain Clinic, Kolkata, can offer you the right assistance.. Please call or WhatsApp us at +91-629-006-1477 for more info. Save upto 30% on beard transplant cost.

Ready To Regain Your Beard & Confidence