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Stitchless and Safe Circumcision in Kolkata

Are you suffering from Phimosis and looking for the right treatment for the fastest cure? Well, circumcision is here to help you avoid the suffering from Phimosis. Are you born with a tight foreskin?

The treatment removes the foreskin so that the penis is permanently exposed and uncovered by the skin. Well, So, if you are suffering from sexual problems then too you can opt for this treatment and get back your lost sexual vigor.

Don’t let the Phimosis condition remain unnoticed, get circumcision Surgery done at our Kolkata clinc right away.

Why Opt For Circumcision

Did you know that Phimosis can cause painful infection? You sure don’t want that and due to this reason, it is better to opt for circumcision surgery.

Moreover, Phimosis can give you other problems as well such as difficulty in urination, pain with urination, pain in the penis, blood in urine, etc. Scared? Don’t be as you have circumcision Surgery Kolkata to relieve you of all the pain and agony.

If you are continuously suffering from Phimosis, circumcision is what you need to opt for.

Why Bain Clinic

Having done over 2000 circumcision operation for circumcision, Bain Clinic offers excellent stitch-less, painless and bloodless treatment to every patient. Having about 10 years of experience, Dr. Bain knows what suits you best when it comes to circumcision Kolkata.

We use most advanced treatment and circumcision device such as ZSR/Langhe to offer a painless circumcision surgery. There is a huge list of happy and satisfied patients who have gone back to their normal life after the circumcision Surgery Kolkata. If you too want to reap in the benefits, you can avail this treatment right away.

We Use Latest Circumcision Technology

ZSR Circumcision @ ₹35,000 – If you want to avail painless treatment and want to get back to your normal life fast, ZSR circumcision is the best option. The surgery is offered to improve the functional and aesthetic appearance of the penis. The device is a surgical stapler. It cuts and staples the penile skin. ZSR Kolkata is a revolutionary device for use in treating Phimosis. Also, the surgery takes just 30 minutes and it is amazingly fast and affordable.

Langhe Circumcision @ ₹25,000 – Langhe is another popular device used for offering stitch-less and painless surgery at low cost. Interestingly, this is a disposable device and can be performed on an outpatient basis and no external device remains on the patient. The healing time is also less and there are less blood loss and pain. Patients can easily opt for Langhe Kolkata.

If you want to avail it without any pain and complications, you can count on us. We would definitely help.

If you are a patient seeking quality healthcare at affordable prices!.