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No More Baldness With FUE Hair Transplant

The most patient-friendly technique for undergoing a hair transplant surgery to get the most natural results with the fastest recovery. Virtually painless and with minimal scarring, FUE enables the surgeon to cherry-pick the best grafts from the scalp.

At Bain Clinic, Kolkata, you get the best FUE hair transplant at the most affordable cost. The doctors use the most advanced technology to offer you the right transplant.

Is FUE Right for Me?

Because it leaves minimal to no scar, FUE transplant is suitable for those who like to keep their hair short. However, not all the patients are suitable for FUE treatment.

Suitability for the treatment depends upon age, general health and the speed of hair loss over time. Thus, you need to schedule your consultation with the surgeon to assess and advise on the type of surgery best suited to you.

If you think you need FUE hair transplant in Kolkata at the most affordable cost, Bain Clinic is your ultimate destination. We are known for our skilled surgeons; the latest equipment and it is easier to secure an appointment.

Safety is our first priority. We utilize single-use, high-precision, patented instruments

How Does FUE Hair Transplant Work?

FUE is a minimally invasive procedure. Local anesthesia is used to numb both the donor area and the area where the grafts will be transplanted. Unlike the FUT hair transplant procedure, a ‘strip’ of hair is not removed from the donor area. Follicles are removed from the donor area using a 1mm punch (or smaller) and forceps.

The individual grafts are placed on ice to insure their survival. Recipient sites are then artistically created by our doctor at specific angles and direction so the hair will grow in a perfect pattern, and the final result will look totally natural.

How Much Does FUE Hair Transplant Cost?

The FUE hair transplant cost varies from patient to patient depending on various factors such as the number of grafts we’ve used, the degree of baldness, the areas to be transplanted, the amount of available donor area, etc.

Usually, theFUE transplant cost starts from Rs 35/ per hair graft and it costs something around Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 lakh.

Bain Clinic, Kolkata based in Salt Lake Sector 3, offers the hair transplant within your budget and there are no hidden charges involved.

If you are a patient seeking quality healthcare at affordable prices!.